Resources for New Moms

Fire Safety for Your Family

Tips for fire safety 

  • Draw a basic diagram of your home, marking all windows and doors 
  • Plan two routes of escape out of each room.  
  • Consider various fire scenarios when creating your plan and develop actions for a safe escape.  
  • Make a plan for each member of your family, including babies and toddlers who may be unable to escape on their own. 
  • Keep exits clear of toys and shoes. 
  • Keep your child’s bedroom door closed. If a hallway fire occurs, a closed door may keep the smoke from overpowering your baby or toddler, giving firefighters extra time for rescue. 
  • Children as young as 3 years old can follow a fire escape plan they have practiced often.  


Teaching children about the fire safety plan  

  • Teach toddlers not to hide from firefighters. Their uniforms can be scary in times of crisis. Teach children that firefighters are there to help in an emergency. Take children on a tour of your local fire station so that they can see a firefighter in full gear. 
  • Teach your children how to crawl under the smoke to reduce smoke inhalation. 
  • Teach your children how to touch closed doors to see if they are hot before opening.  
  • Teach them to go to another route if the door is hot. 
  • Have a safe meeting place outside the home and teach children never to go back inside. 
  • Practicing fire-safe behaviors and knowing what to do in an emergency can give your family extra seconds to escape.