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Baby’s 2 Month Well-Child Visit & Vaccines

What to expect 

Your baby’s 2 month well-child visit includes getting a round of shots. 

Don’t worryyou’re giving your baby the gift of protection, and baby smiles will return soon! Shots this month include DTap (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis), Hib, PCV, and polio vaccines. Baby will also get the rotavirus vaccine, a liquid given by mouth. Baby will get the second hepatitis B shot now if it was not given at the 1 month checkup. 

Your baby will also be weighed and measured to check growth, and the doctor will perform a full physical exam. 

This month you and baby’s provider might talk about whether your baby is smiling and lifting their head, how they are doing with tummy time, and anything else that you have questions about.