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Setting a Routine for Your Baby

Why a routine is good for baby

Parents are busy people. And if the idea of setting a routine feels out of reach at first, you are not alone. 

It may help to know that, with some effort, routines can help you and your baby in lots of ways. One bonus is that eating and sleeping routines can help your baby stay at a healthy weight as they grow up! 

Even though it can be challengingestablishing a routine can help you and your baby stay healthy and happy. Routines help you prepare for mealtime and help your baby be a better sleeper — which helps the whole family! 

Tips for setting routines:

  • Initially, you’ll feed your baby on demand. But as they get older, they will fall into a routine of eating and napping. Use your baby’s natural schedule as a foundation for your routine. 
  • Try to keep the same schedule every day. As your baby starts eating solid foods, eat together as a family. 
  • When your baby gets older, try to wake them up at about the same time every day for feeding and playing. Most babies settle into a routine of two to three naps per day.

Remember: Just like everything else, routines don’t have to be perfect. But babies and young kids — just like grown-ups — do better when they know what to expect.