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Baby's Hand and Finger Skills

What to expect 

Your baby is learning to do a lot of things with their hands. Right now, they might still be trying to “rake” things toward themself, but soon, your baby will grab things with their thumb and first or second finger (pincer grasp). You’ll find baby practicing this pincer movement on any small object, from dust bunnies to cereal, and they may even try to snap their fingers if you show them how. 

As your baby learns to open their fingers on their own, they will love to drop things. If you leave small toys on the tray of the high chair or in the playpen, your baby will throw them down and then call loudly for someone to come get the object so they can do it again. Try to give your baby softer objects, like balls in different colors, sizes, and textures. You can even give some that make noises as they roll. One activity that is fun and lets you watch your child’s developing skills is to sit on the floor and roll a large ball toward them. At first, baby will slap at it, but eventually they will learn to swat it so it rolls back in your direction. 

As your baby’s coordination improves, they can pick up, shake, bang and pass things from hand to hand. Babies like toys with moving parts – wheels that spin, things that open and close. Holes also are fascinating because they can poke fingers in them and, when they become a little more skilled, drop things through them. 

Blocks are another favorite toy at this age. Babies love to push over a tower of blocks.