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4-Month-Old Milestones​


Could my 4-month-old baby already be copying some sounds?



Yes, 4-month-old babies will babble with expression and copy sounds that they hear.



Actually, 4-month-old babies will babble with expression and copy sounds that they hear.

Milestones for your 4-month-old baby

Babies develop in their own way, so it’s impossible to know when your baby will achieve each milestone. The developmental milestones listed here give you an idea of what you can expect for a 4-month-old. Check the milestones your child has achieved  by the end of 4 months.  Talk with your child’s provider at every wellchild visit about the milestones your child can do and what to expect next.

What most babies do by 4 months old

Playing with others:

  • Smiles often, especially at people.
  • Likes to play with people and might cry when playing stops.
  • Copies some movements and facial expressions, like smiling or frowning.

Talking and language:

  • Begins to babble.
  • Babbles with expression and copies sounds they hear.
  • Cries in different ways to show hunger, pain, or being tired.

Learning and thinking:

  • Lets you know if they are happy or sad.
  • Responds to affection.
  • Reaches for toys with one hand.
  • Uses hands and eyes together, such as seeing a toy and reaching for it.
  • Follows moving things with eyes from side to side.
  • Watches faces closely.
  • Recognizes familiar people and things at a distance.

Baby’s moving body:

  • Holds head steady, unsupported.
  • Pushes down on legs when feet are on a hard surface.
  • May be able to roll over from tummy to back.
  • Can hold a toy and shake it and swing at dangling toys.
  • Brings hands to mouth.
  • When lying on stomach, pushes up to elbows.