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7-Month-Old Milestones


It seems like my baby can see more now. How far should my baby be able to see at 7 months?

6 feet


Your baby should be able to follow objects with both eyes at near (1 foot) and far (6 feet) ranges by 7 months.

4 feet


Your baby should be able to follow objects with both eyes at near (1 foot) and far (6 feet) ranges by 7 months.

Babies develop in their own way, so it’s impossible to know when your baby will achieve each milestone. The developmental milestones listed here give you an idea of what you can expect. Check the milestones your child has achieved by the end of 7 months. 

What most babies do at 7 months

Movement milestones:

  • Rolls both ways (front to back, back to front).
  • Sits with, and then without, support of their hands.
  • Supports whole weight on legs.
  • Reaches with one hand.
  • Transfers object from hand to hand.
  • Uses raking grasp – which is grasping things between the fingers and the palm (not pincer – which is grasping things with the pointer finger and the thumb).

Visual milestones:

  • Develops fullcolor vision.
  • Distance vision matures.
  • Ability to track moving objects improves.

Language milestones:

  • Responds to their name .
  • Begins to respond to “no.
  • Responds to sound by making sounds.
  • Uses voice to express joy and displeasure.

Learning milestones:

  • Finds partially hidden object.
  • Explores with hands and mouth.
  • Struggles to get objects that are out of reach.

Social and emotional milestones:

  • Enjoys social play.
  • Interested in seeing self in the mirror.
  • Acts happy often and acts happy when you are happy.

If you notice any of the following talk with your baby’s provider:

  • Seems very stiff, with tight muscles.
  • Seems very floppy, like a rag doll.
  • Reaches with one hand only.
  • Shows no affection for the person who cares for him.
  • Doesn’t seem to enjoy being around people.
  • One or both eyes consistently turn in or out.
  • Persistent tears, eye drainage, or sensitivity to light.
  • Does not respond to sounds around them.
  • Has difficulty getting objects to their mouth.
  • Cannot sit with help by 6 months.
  • Does not laugh or make squealing sounds by 6 months.
  • Does not actively reach for objects by 6 to 7 months.
  • Does not bear some weight on legs by 7 months.
  • Does not try to attract attention through actions by months.