Resources for New Moms

Finding Childcare for Baby

If you plan to return to work, you should start looking for childcare as early as you can. Finding the right childcare can take some time. Ask friends, family, and neighbors if they recommend a childcare provider that they trust in the area. 

Learn about the licensing requirements in your area. 

  • How can I get information about complaints and licensing violations? 
  • Does my family qualify for any childcare financial assistance programs?

Visit a few centers so you have something to compare to. 

Ask about these key indicators of quality childcare: 

  • Adult to Child Ratio. Ask how many children there are for each adult. Babies need an adult to child ratio of no more than 1:4 (one adult for four infants). 
  • Group Size. Find out how many children are in the group. The smaller the group, the better. 
  • Caregiver Qualifications. Ask about the caregivers’ training and education. Caregivers with degrees and/or special training in working with children will be better able to help your child learn. 
  • Turnover. Ask how long caregivers have been at the center or providing care in their homes. It’s best when children can stay with the same caregiver for at least a year. 
  • Accreditation. Find out if the childcare provider has been accredited by a national organization.  

Make notes about what you saw at each visit, which places were the cleanest, and which ones felt like a good fit. These notes will help you make the best choice for your child and family.  

The work isn’t over when you find good care for your child. You and your child’s caregiver are partners now, so it’s important to communicate often and clearly about your child.