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12-Month-Old Milestones


My baby is about to turn one next week and she is not walking. Should I be concerned?

Not Yet


Plenty of babies do not learn to walk at or before one year old.



Plenty of babies do not learn to walk at or before one year old.

Babies develop in their own way, so it’s impossible to know when your baby will achieve each milestone. The developmental milestones listed here give you an idea of what you can expect. Check the milestones your child has achieved by the end of 12 months. Talk with your child’s health care provider at every well-child visit about the milestones your baby can do and what to expect next. 

If you notice your baby can’t do any of the following by the end of 12 months, talk with your baby’s health care provider: 

  • Does not crawl.
  • Drags one side of body while crawling (for over one month).
  • Cannot stand when supported.
  • Does not search for objects that are hidden while he watches.
  • Does not say single words (“mama” or “dada”).
  • Does not learn to use gestures, such as waving or shaking head.
  • Does not point to objects or pictures.

What most babies do at 12 months

Movement milestones:

  • Gets to sitting position by themself. 
  • Crawls forward on belly by pulling with arms and pushing with legs. 
  • Can get on hands and knees. 
  • Can move from sitting to a crawling position. 
  • Pulls themself up to stand. 
  • Walks holding on to furniture. 
  • Stands momentarily without support. 
  • May walk two or three steps without support. 

Milestones in hand and finger skills:

  • Uses pincer grasp (first finger and thumb). 
  • Bangs two cubes together. 
  • Puts and takes out objects into a container. 
  • Can let go of things on own. 
  • Pokes with index finger. 
  • Tries to imitate scribbling. 

Language milestones:

  • Responds to simple requests. 
  • Responds to “no. 
  • Uses simple gestures, such as shaking head for “no. 
  • Says “dada” and “mama. 
  • Uses exclamations, such as “uh-oh!” 
  • Tries to imitate words. 

Learning milestones: 

  • Explores objects in many ways (shaking, banging, throwing, dropping). 
  • Finds hidden objects easily. 
  • Looks at correct picture when the image is named. 
  • Imitates gestures. 
  • Begins to use objects correctly (drinking from cup, brushing hair). 

Social and emotional milestones:

  • Shy or anxious with strangers. 
  • Cries when mom or dad leaves. 
  • Enjoys imitating people in play. 
  • Tests parental responses to behavior (for example, what you do if they cry after you leave the room). 
  • Repeats sounds or gestures for attention. 
  • Finger-feeds themself. 
  • Extends arm or leg to help when being dressed.