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Baby’s 12 Month Well-Child Visit & Vaccines

What to expect 

Congratulations mom and dad: you have a 1-year-old! Happy birthday to your beautiful baby. Before your baby becomes a full-on toddler, bring your baby to their provider for their 12 month well-visit and vaccinations.  

This month your baby gets the next doses of Hib and PCV, as well as some new vaccines: hepatitis A, varicella (or chickenpox), and MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella). Baby will also get a third dose of polio and hepatitis B vaccines if it hasn’t already been given. 

Baby will get the usual workup at this appointment—they’ll be weighed and measured to check growth, and the doctor will perform a full physical exam. 

Topics for this visit will include whether baby is pulling himself up, walking, talking, and staying active. 

Baby’s next visit will be at 15 months.