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Bedtime Routines for Baby

By setting and keeping a bedtime routine, you are letting your baby know when it is time for bed. As your baby gets older, they will know when to expect bedtime. This will help create a smoother bedtime. 

Here are some tips for creating a bedtime routine: 

  • Bathing. Baths are a good way to transition from eating to getting ready for bed. Putting lotion on afterward with gentle massage and then pajamas can signal that it is time for bed. 
  • Brushing. Whether you choose to brush your child’s teeth (or gums) right after the last feeding or just before the actual bedtime itself, get into the habit of having a toothbrush (or washcloth or gauze) be the last thing in your baby’s mouth at night. 
  • Books. Since you don’t want food or drink to become your child’s bedtime source of comfort, books can serve as the perfect reminder that it’s time to cuddle up and go to sleep. 
  • Bedtime. Keep a consistent time for your baby to get ready for and get into bed. Once you’ve set the stage so that bathing, brushing, and books signal bedtime, you can let your child fall asleep by themself.