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6 Month Well-Child Visit & Vaccines

What to Expect 

Happy half birthday, to your baby! Baby has come a long way (and you too, mom and dad)! Your baby may be sitting or might even be on the move by this appointment. Baby is likely ready to start solid food now. This month your baby will get the next doses of these vaccines: hepatitis B , DTaP (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis), Hib , PCV , and polio , and one more dose of the rotavirus vaccine by mouth. If it’s flu season, your baby is due for their first flu shot. Since this is the first time your baby is getting the flu vaccine, they will get two doses of the vaccine at least four weeks apart. 

Baby will also be weighed and measured to check growth, and the provider will perform a full physical exam. 

Things that might be discussed in this visit include whether baby is crawling, teething, and when to start solid food. The provider will probably ask and try to observe whether your baby responds when you call their name.