Resources for New Moms

Keeping Your Relationships Strong

Becoming a parent brings joy and change. It’s easy to become so focused on baby’s needs that you take other relationships – with your partner, family, and friends – for granted. Their support and encouragement will be key in helping you become the best parent you can be, so try to invest time and energy in them. 

Parenting can be hard and having a strong network of support helps give you the strength and support you’ll need to be the best parent you can be. Include them in your new role as a parent and don’t be afraid to share your excitement, your struggles, and your joy. 

Taking good care of yourself will help you be a great parent. And taking good care of yourself includes nurturing the relationships with the people who support you.  

  • Share your excitement and concerns with those closest to you. Talking about your thoughts and feelings can bring you closer together. 
  • What are your dreams and goals for the baby? Ask and answer questions like: 
  • What do you want to do or change to help your baby grow up healthy and happy? 
  • How could you reach these goals and who can help? 
  • Listen, listen, listen! Make the effort to stop and really hear what others are saying. Check back to see if you really understand what is said. 
  • “Let me see if I understand…” 
  • “Are you saying that…” 
  • Create “adult-time” routines to look forward to throughout the day. 
  • Plan for short walks, a backrub, or phone calls with each other. 
  • What other happy routines would be fun to do with others? 
  • Schedule date nights with your partner – if you can’t get a babysitter, plan some special time together after baby goes to bed.