Resources for New Moms

Making Shots Less Stressful

Shots keep your baby healthy, and they don’t have to be stressful! You can lessen the sting for both of you—before, during, and after. 

Before:  Arrive at your appointment with any questions for your doctor, your baby’s shot record (if you have one), and your baby’s favorite toy or blanket. 

During:  Hold baby firmly on your lap if you can. Tell baby everything is okay with smiles, eye contact, cuddles, and soft talking. A comforting hold prevents baby from moving her arms and legs during shots, keeping her safe and providing comfort. Your hold gives the provider steady control for safe shot delivery. 

Babies often get shots in their legs. You can hold baby on your lap with one arm around her back and over one of her arms, like you’re giving her a hug. Hold baby’s other arm gently but securely with your free arm.  Place her feet firmly between your thighs. Some providers may ask you to position baby a certain way.  

After:  Praise and hug baby, breastfeed, or offer a bottle. 

Review any info your child’s provider gives you on possible side effects. If the provider approves, give non-aspirin pain reliever. Some babies have less of an appetite for 24 hours after shots—that’s okay! Give baby lots of fluids and pay extra attention for a few days.  

If anything concerns you, call your child’s provider