Resources for New Moms

Managing Your Stress

Stress is contagious – and too much of it can have a negative impact on you and your child. Some stress is normal and helps motivate us or inspire change – it makes us want to get up, get moving, and get things done. But when stress starts to impact how you react to your child or others, it’s time to put some stress management practices in place. 

  • Pay attention to your body’s stress signals. Notice when you feel tension building up, take action to reduce the stress before it changes your attitude. 
  • Eat healthy foods that give you energy and stamina. 
  • Get the sleep you need to feel rested. Sleep is as important for you as it is for your child. 
  • Pare down your daily to-do list so it is not overwhelming. Taking care of your baby is a big job. Focus on the most important things to do, and don’t worry about the rest. 
  • Exercise can help melt away tension and stress. Try some options that you can do with your child – going for a walk, running around together, dancing to some fun music, even yoga can be done with your child with some modifications. 
  • When you feel worried or angry, don’t bottle it up. Talk to a trusted friend. Learn what other people do when they get “stressed out.”  
  • When you’re feeling stress getting to you, try taking a few minutes to do some deep breathing or meditation to calm your mind.  
  • If your feelings seem to be getting out of control — or if tension is so high that your partner reacts by harming you — call 800-799-SAFE (7233), the National Domestic Abuse Hotline.