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Pregnancy and Your Baby's Dad

Below are some tips for getting your baby’s father involved during pregnancy.  

Talk together about how your baby is growing and developing during pregnancy.  Share information about your baby’s growth (like what you receive or learn from Text4Baby) with your partner. 

Schedule your baby’s prenatal visits at a time that baby’s dad can attend. Your baby’s heart will start beating the fifth week of pregnancy and you can hear it between 7-12 weeks. Encourage your baby’s dad to come to one of these early visits to hear baby’s heartbeat. Dad may also enjoy coming to a visit around 20 weeks when you get an ultrasound. You and baby’s dad can see your baby together and maybe even find out if your baby is a boy or a girl. 

Feeling the baby kick is exciting!  Encourage your baby’s dad to feel your stomach when your baby kicks and moves. In the third trimester, dad can play the “tapping” game. Each time you feel your baby kick, have dad push back gently in that same spot and wait for baby to kick back. 

Baby’s love to hear both parent’s voices. Have dad talk to your baby while in your belly. This will help make both of your voices familiar when baby arrives. 

Talk with your baby’s dad about the signs of labor and any labor symptoms you have. Most pregnancies are healthy, but sometimes there are complications. Share what you’re feeling so he can help and know what to do if you have early labor signs 

Get ready for childbirth together. Go to classes that will teach you both about childbirth. Classes are typically offered through your local hospital. Ask your provider, faith leader, or family and friends about when and where classes are held in your community. 

Talk together about your worries about labor, delivery and having a new baby. You can support one another in any challenges or worries you each face about a new child. Be sure to also talk about the exciting parts of becoming a parent – what features do you hope baby gets from mom and from dad?  

The most important thing is to try to work together as a team, regardless of whether you are still together with your baby’s dad. 

Talk about feeding your baby breast milk. Baby’s dad can be a big support to you with breastfeeding if you choose to breastfeed. Talk with him about the benefits, your concerns, and the ways you think he can help you.